Neville Engelbrecht

“I’ve been working in theatre since the mid-eighties, so it’s a big part of my life.” 

 – Neville Engelbrecht, Development Manager at North Coast Rep.

Neville has worked in theatres around the world, including The Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, France, and Zimbabwe.

Previous to working at North Coast Rep he was the Director of Arts Education at the Grahamstown Foundation in South Africa where he was responsible for the planning and implementation of festivals and arts education projects. He is particularly passionate about arts education and whole-person development, especially in underserved communities, as it has shown to be associated with “improved cognitive, social, and behavioral outcomes in individuals across the lifespan: in early childhood, in adolescence and young adulthood, and in later years.” (see: to learn more about whole-person development and the arts.)

Neville has worn many theatre hats prior to coming to North Coast Rep as a consultant, director, designer, company manager, stage manager as well as being the recipient of several awards.