World Premiere

Another Roll of the Dice

Book by Mark Saltzman
Music by Frank Loesser and various artists
Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Based on the stories of Damon Runyon

Directed by Larry Sousa
July 10th – August 4th, 2019
EXTENDED through August 11th!!

The World Premiere of ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE reunites songwriter Frank Loesser and author Damon Runyon, the creators of the legendary Broadway musical Guys and Dolls. In “Dice,” three classic Runyon stories are intertwined with hits from the Frank Loesser songbook, including “Heart and Soul,” “Two Sleepy People,” and “Let’s Get Lost,” performed by iconic Runyonesque characters. Don’t gamble on losing out on this sure-fire winner destined for many future productions.

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  • It is a charming, funny, nostalgic, faithful, well-sung and well-produced show that creatively uses the same formula to honor the memory of Runyon and Loesser.”

    Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union~Tribune

  • North Coast Repertory, in Solana Beach, tosses "Another Roll of the Dice" in the world premiere of the cleverly crafted story of shady characters and shady stories in Mark Saltzman's musical comedy, with music & lyrics by Frank Loesser, for their final show of their 37th Season.”

    – TR, The Vista Press

  • Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but with “Another Roll of the Dice” you’ll find a real winner.

    – Andy Lee, North County Sun

  • Six excellent actors, playing umpteen comedic roles adds up to one fun-filled evening you will love!

    Art Rocks 247

  • A roller-coaster of a musical ride through “Guys and Dolls” territory that will keep you giggling (not to mention wondering who all those characters are).”

    – Jean Lowerison, SDGLN

  • All six of the characters are brought to life by this brilliant cast of performers playing multiple roles.

    – Elizabeth Westphal Youngman, The Village News

  • Mark Saltzman and director Larry Sousa collaborated to bring us more of Damon Runyon’s loveable gangsters, their Judys, and a few unlikely types who were swayed to the shady side for love or money in the world premiere of Another Roll of the Dice.

    – Eva Trieger, San Diego Jewish World

  • The whole ensemble has really captured the super-enunciated, mixed high-and-low-class vocal style that’s unmistakably Runyon. They’ve also got great comic timing together—and so does the band. If any part of you is tickled by the minks, fedoras, crooks, and coppers of ’20s and ’30s gangster schtick, you’ll love this.”

    Dan Letchworth, San Diego Magazine

  • ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE is a lovely return visit to the GUYS AND DOLLS universe with some fun characters, romance, and lovely songs.

    E.H. Reiter, BroadwayWorld

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