Mark St. Germain's

Becoming Dr. Ruth

Starring Tovah Feldshuh
Directed by David Ellenstein

Here in America, she is known simply as Dr. Ruth. Her background includes living in five countries, marrying three times, and identifying under four names. In a striking solo performance, six-time Tony and Emmy nominee Tovah Feldshuh (Broadway’s Golda’s Balcony), (TV’s ”Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” & “The Walking Dead”), deftly inhabits the warm, wise, witty persona of the beloved media figure. Reserve your tickets now for this breezy, thoroughly engaging evening of theatre, even as it explores some of the darkest chapters of the past century.






What the Critics Are Saying

  • Four-time Tony nominee Tovah Feldshuh, who channels Westheimer with an understated naturalism, while still getting her high energy level and famous accent just right. The one-character, one-set, one-costume show appears deceptively simple, but it’s rich with insight and a master class in acting.

    - Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union~Tribune

  • Feldshuh carries the show with aplomb; channeling the openness, exuberance of spirit, and the vulnerability of speaking about unspeakable heartbreak. Her accent and giggle are so good if you close your eyes you may forget you're not actually listening to the actual Dr. Ruth.

    E. H. Reiter, Broadwayworld

  • NCRT hits another streaming format home run with the delightful 90 minute production "Becoming Dr. Ruth", starring the Queen of one-woman productions the fabulous Tovah Feldshuh who is creatively directed by NCRT's David Ellenstein. It's as must see show!

    Jack Lyons, Desert Local News

  • Now North Coast Repertory Theatre offers a delightful streamed version of ‘Becoming Dr. Ruth’ through July 4. Ellenstein was smart enough to offer Tovah Feldshuh the role, and we are lucky that she accepted. Kudos to North Coast’s resident set designer Marty Burnett and Elisa Benzoni for the just-right set and costumes, and to Aaron Rumley, who made the tech (cinematography, editing, projections and sound design) look easy.

    Jean Lowerison, San Diego Stage and Screen

  • Feldshuh perfectly captures the manic energy, the “German-Swiss-Hebrew-French-American accent” (as Dr. Ruth describes it), the signature laugh and high-pitched voice of Westheimer. She’s amusing and informative, poignant and aching. It’s a stunning performance. Don’t miss this inspiring story of courage, resilience, perseverance, survival and indomitable spirit.

    Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

  • A wonderfully performed story of courage, personal drive and commitment you should see. This play will bring you laughter, bring a tear to your eye and will inspire you.

    TR Robertson, The Vista Press

  • What an inspiration Dr. Ruth is -- and Tovah, too. This performance certainly would have got me to join in on "You Are My Sunshine" when she yelled "Everybody!" I'd say Tovah's BECOMING DR. RUTH is just what the doctor ordered and everyone else would, too.

    Peter Filichia, Broadway Radio

  • Tovah Feldshuh, the Energizer Bunny, powered by wisdom and Dr. Ruth's story!

    Eva Trieger, San Diego Jewish World

  • Tovah Feldshuh is marvelous playing Dr. Ruth. Her mannerisms, laugh and character approach to Dr. Ruth is superb.

    Robert Speed, Robert Speed Productions

  • A remarkable performance by actress Tovah Feldshuh whose voice, accent, appearance, mannerisms and infectious giggle will have you utterly convinced you’re watching the real Dr. Ruth, in this impressive streaming production by North Coast Rep. You don’t want to miss “Becoming Dr. Ruth.” As 92-year-old Dr. Ruth would say: “It’s TER-R-RIFIC!”

    Lynne Friedmann, Culture Vulture

  • This delightful, uplifting production, smoothly and lovingly directed by David Ellenstein on Marty Burnett’s exquisite set, is a winner, unobtrusively filmed and edited by Aaron Rumley.

    Tony Frankel, StageandCinema

  • Having earned four Tony and two Emmy nominations, it’s time to become familiar with the formidable talents of Tovah Feldshuh. Ms. Feldshuh is currently starring in the title role of North Coast Rep’s production of Becoming Dr. Ruth, which is meticulously scripted by Mark St. Germain and given focused direction by David Ellenstein. Tovah Feldshuh believably becomes  Dr. Ruth in this celebration of a most unique life.

    Ben Miles,

  • She’ll (Tovah Feldshuh) make you laugh, she’ll make you cry; she’ll force you to reflect, she’ll talk about sex. She’s the unstoppable Dr. Ruth! Every picture, book and piece of paper in David Ellenstein’s production warrants a detailed story as she seamlessly maps us through a special journey. Once again, North Coast Repertory Theater delivers.

    Cori Wilbur, Vanguard Culture

  • Tovah Feldshuh delivers an emotional, powerful portrayal that shows dedication and attention to detail. It is wonderful to see how organizations like North Coast Rep take these stories and through the power of performance, educate us on powerful and historic figures like Dr. Ruth. This production is flawless.

    Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti, From Another Zero

  • The production is a delight. Directed by David Ellenstein with a deft touch, the pace ebbs and flows gracefully, but never flags. This production would seem to be a sure bet for a producer looking to bring the production from North Coast Rep to the Big Apple.

    Brad Auerbach, Entertainment Today