West Coast Premiere

The Outsider

By Paul Slade Smith

Due to health concerns, our extension week has been CANCELLED!
Last show is Sunday, March 15th.

Directed by David Ellenstein

THE OUTSIDER is a razor-sharp, hilarious satire of modern American politics and an inspirational tribute to democracy. Overflowing with clever plot twists portraying the contemporary political climate, Paul Slade Smith’s (Unnecessary Farce) play is a fun-house mirror, held up to reflect our often confounding governmental system. If you’re overwhelmed by today’s headlines, this thoroughly non-partisan laugh-fest is just what you need.


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  • THE OUTSIDER brings a burst of genuine comedy to politics. David Ellenstein, who directs the piece with a sure feel for its comic rhythms as well as the genuine sense of heart at its center.

    - James Hebert, San Diego Union~Tribune

  • The funniest show I've seen in years. 'Ingeniously creative.'

    - Kathy Carpenter, Splash Magazine

  • This comedy is timely, extremely witty, wonderfully acted, non-stop funny and surprisingly uplifting. Every member of the cast is a stand-out and has the audience in stitches. This is a definite “should not miss” production.

    - Tom Robertson, Vista Press

  • It’s a worthy theatrical experience, worth your time and money. David Ellenstein directed his way into another sell-out show.

    - Elizabeth Youngman Westphal, The Village News

  • THE OUTSIDER is a hilarious satire on politics. Laughed all the way from beginning to end. Never a serious moment. Very funny!

    - Andy Lee Publisher, North County Sun

  • Comedy with a conscience: principles collide with perky mindlessness in this edgy satire on American politics. Crack cast, deft direction, thought-provoking laughs guaranteed.

    - Christine Meyers, Critic

  • A very funny, well-acted, non-partisan production, perfectly timed on our primary season.

    - Brad Auerbach, Entertainment Today

  • A top-notch comedic cast…Director David Ellenstein keeps the farcical proceedings well-paced and the laughs coming with a sense of heart and warmth.

    - E.M. Reiter, Critic

  • For comedy to receive a standing ovation it needs a great script, creative director, outstanding cast with pizzazz, and the talent of backstage folks and designers. North Coast Rep‘s Outsider had it all. As evidence, there was an immediate standing ovation, and the applause continued until way after the actors left the stage. . Oh yes, there were lots of shouts of Bravo!

    – Sheldon Merel, San Diego Jewish World

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