Dr. Glas

By Jeffrey Hatcher

Dr. Glas

Featuring Daniel Gerroll
Directed by David Ellenstein

July 21 – August 15, 2021


This psychological thriller slowly unravels a life-and-death moral dilemma of passion and desire with humor and intrigue. Based on the Swedish masterpiece novel and penned by Jeffrey Hatcher (Holmes and Watson), and starring Obie winner Daniel Gerroll (TV’s “The Blacklist) and (film “Chariots of Fire”), this World Premiere of the streamed production of DR. GLAS is a gripping finale to North Coast Rep’s streaming season. Reserve your tickets now.





What the Critics Are Saying

  • Do not let this tremendous performance of the World Premiere of this play pass you by as Daniel Gerroll brings a passionate and emotional performance to the NC Rep stage.

    TR Robertson – The Vista News

  • North Coast Rep continues to blow us away with storytelling mastery, in the streaming one man show, Dr. Glass.

    Kathy Carpenter, Splash Magazine

  • The result is a taut psychological crime story, well directed, with a potent and convincing performance and a smooth, seamless production.

    Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

  • American journeyman playwright and author Jeffrey Hatcher has fashioned a new version that takes into consideration the heart of the story set in 1905 Sweden, while creating a riveting psychological thriller, and a perfect vehicle for the talent of polished British actor Daniel Gerroll, in a solo tour-de-force performance that is smartly directed by NCRT artistic director David Ellenstein.

    Jack Lyons, Desert Local News

  • Gerroll brings Glas, with all of his analytical and murderous imaginings to life with a starched backbone and a chill.

    EH Reiter, Broadwayworld

  • Gerroll reveals what "happens when we wake from the dream of love" and are forced to confront the stark reality of life.  He portrays precisely, the dilemma a man wrestles with when his values are threatened and his belief system is pushed off-kilter. Beautiful dramatic performance with superb timing.

    Eva Trieger, San Diego Jewish World

  • The well-produced film directed by David Ellenstein features an excellent performance by English actor Daniel Gerroll, and the story’s tension ramps up nicely in the play’s final 10 minutes.

    The San Diego Union~Tribune

  • I consider it to be just wonderful. A play that leaves audiences asking for more. Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher did an excellent job adapting this novel that tells the story like a written diary, to the stage. And what can we say about an actor such as Daniel Gerroll. On point. With a majestic voice, moving throughout the stage with poise and class while guiding us through the complex matters of Dr. Glas's patients and how some of the issues, become his.

    Alejandra Encisco-Dardashti

  • Gerroll is excellent as the chameleon-like doctor, who tries to tailor his prescriptions to fit both his patient’s needs and his own desires. It requires quick thinking and imagination, with which both Gerroll and his character seem abundantly endowed, and the piece’s sixty minutes seem to fly by.

    Jean Lowerison, Stage & Film

  • Daniel Gerroll, the reason I sought out this play, is marvelous. His Dr. Glas is so firmly entrenched, so fully realized, it’s as if we tune into history in progress. The actor’s bearing, accent, and movement speak of erudition and class. David Ellenstein’s Direction is adroit, pacing splendid.The piece is beautifully shot with three cameras. Gerroll doesn’t play to one red light, however, making the experience more like attendance in theater.

    Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town (NY critic)

  • Award-winning British television and screen actor Daniel Gerroll (“The Blacklist” and “Chariots of Fire”) gives a captivating performance that delivers on all counts in his portrayal of an unfulfilled and alienated man whose initial joy in finding passion becomes obsession and ultimately menace. Playwright Jeffrey Hatcher has crafted a taut 60-minute play as intricate and riveting as classic film noir.

    Lynne Friedmann, Culture Vulture