Bernard Slade's

Same Time, Next Year

Same Time Next Year North Coast Rep Theatre

Directed by David Ellenstein
Featuring Katie MacNichol  & Bruce Turk

Bernard Slade’s wickedly funny comedy explores a love affair between two seemingly ordinary people who meet once a year. SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR deftly examines the monumental political, social, and personal changes that impact their lives over the course of 25 years. Full of clever dialogue, comical visuals, and unexpected admissions, this play will have you laughing one moment and wiping away tears the next.

What The Critic's Are Saying

  • Thanks to the chemistry of its co-stars in a new streaming production from North Coast Repertory Theatre, the play still has its charms.

    - Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union~Tribune

  • Married Actors Katie MacNichol and Bruce Turk present a don’t miss performance of Bernard Slade’s romantic comedy “Same Time, Next Year”, David Ellenstein directs MacNichol and Turk in this acclaimed romantic comedy. Take a short break in your day, sit back and watch “live” theatre at its best in a beautifully designed and performed play.

    - Tom Robertson, The Vista Press

  • North Coast Repertory Theatre credibly mounts a production filmed in its theatre that will both satisfy and remind you of what you’re missing.

    - Bill Eadie,

  • Same Time Next Year, is a breath of fresh air in a rocky year.  I personally have been awaiting something lighter. Same Time Next Year, fills the bill. I actually laughed aloud several times. It’s the medicine we all need in these uncertain times, laughter.

    - Kathy Carpenter, Splash Magazine

  • George (Bruce Turk) and Doris (Katie MacNichol) had me laughing and smiling throughout the show at the North Coast Repertory Theatre. They are a perfect match in Bernard Slade’s heartwarming play loaded with very clever and funny dialogue. David Ellenstein’s direction kept me completely engaged. I heartily recommend you check in on North Coast Rep’s web site and purchase a ticket. You will love it as I did.

    - Sheldon Merel, San Diego Jewish World