John Steinbeck’s

Of Mice and Men

Directed by Richard Baird
Extended through November 19th!!

John Steinbeck’s classic drama novella-turned play OF MICE AND MEN hit the boards in 1937 electrifying the audience at the Music Box Theatre. Eighty years later, the story of these two iconic figures Lenny and George continues to be part of our country’s collective imagination – a tale of friendship in a world of solitude that is sustained by illusory dreams. This is must-see theatre you cannot afford to miss.

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What the Critics Are Saying

  • A vibrant winning revival

    - The San Diego Union~Tribune

  • A powerful, riveting, and mesmerizing cast renders a theatrical experience that is masterfully directed by Richard Baird. Don't miss this terrific production!

    - Jack Lyons, Local Desert News

  • Must be seen. The standing ovation on opening night is an indication of the power of this production. See it before it closes.

    - Jenni Prisk, Theatre Critic

  • Director Richard Baird’s striking vision was so intense you could hear a pin drop. Outstanding piece of work not to be missed.

    - Carol Davis, Theatre Critic

  • Simply wonderful! Steinbeck would be relieved to know his tale was told with so much spirit and dignity. Hurrah! The story leaps from the pages and is told by a remarkable cast filled with brilliant performances. I gotta see this one again. And you should too.

    - Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, The Village News Fallbrook

  • A cornucopia of North Coast Repertory Theatre’s talents has created a versatile and interesting time at the theatre.

    - Diana Saenger, La Jolla Light

  • Director Richard Baird has assembled a stellar cast for this memorable performance that still resonates through the test of time.

    - Tom Robertson, The Vista Press

  • …packs a punch. He (Baird) has assembled a stellar cast, and under his meticulous direction, rife with moments of cunning stage business, each actor creates a memorably multi-dimensional character.

    - Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

  • You’ll be deeply affected

    - David Dixon, SanDiego Story

  • The stage adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men may be just the next best thing to reading the 1937 novella, but it contains a dramatic potency all its own. Director Richard Baird has conceived an adaptation that is startling in its sequences of violence, yet wistful and even tender.

    - David Coddon, San Diego City Beat

  • Thanks to Baird and his team, this is one of the best productions of this still-relevant show I’ve ever seen.

    - Jean Lowerison, SDGLN

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All photos by Aaron Rumley.

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