World Premiere

Sense of Decency

By Jake Broder
Based on the book The Nazi and the Psychiatrist by Jack El-Hai

Directed by David Ellenstein
Co-Directed by Jake Broder
April 17 – May 12, 2024

Featuring: Frank Corrado, Brendan Ford, and Lucy Davenport

Jake Broder has crafted a surprise-filled exploration into what makes us tick. A psychological thriller filled with unexpected revelations, magic, and insight. A World Premiere theatrical foray into this historical meeting promises intrigue and theatrical sparks. When WWII ended, the Nuremburg trials were underway. Herman Göring was the highest-ranking Nazi alive. An American Army psychiatrist was tasked with interviewing him extensively and keeping him fit for trial. What happened in that fateful room had profound and unexpected consequences for both men. Dramatic gold.



What the Critics Say

  • The play has a fascinating backstory, strong performances and frightening relevance to America’s contemporary political and social media landscape. A dark, well-acted psycho-thriller.

    -The San Diego Union-Tribune

  • Powerful and Mesmerizing!

    -Vista Press

  • …buoyed by several surprisingly whimsical moments, and it is the light and darkness that force audiences to consider the past and present. The final moment is haunting and lovely… “A Sense of Decency” promises a provocative conversation and an invitation to self-reflection worthy of the price of admission.

    -Vanguard Culture

  • The underlying material of this show is fascinating; plan on deep discussion on the way home.

    -Stage and Cinema

  • A MUST SEE FOR THE AGES - This spy thriller will keep you on your toes from the time you meet Hermann Göring in his prison cell to its explosive and thought provoking ending.

    -Carol Davis, critic

*Photos by Aaron Rumley