Translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur

Directed by Richard Baird

Featuring: Kandis Chappell, Shanté DeLoach, Rogelio Douglas III, Bo Foxworth, Katie Karel, Melanie Lora,  Kate Rose Reynolds, Bruce Turk, Jared Van Heel, and Christopher M. Williams

Molière’s TARTUFFE, acknowledged as one of the most enduring comedic masterpieces in the theatrical canon, is given an astonishingly clever translation by two-time Pulitzer Prize poet Richard Wilbur. The charlatan Tartuffe worms his way into a wealthy family causing disruption and pandemonium. With wicked precision and brilliantly rhyming verses, this highly satiric comedy skewers religious hypocrisy, duplicity, lust, and self-inflicted chaos. Lovers of classic theatre and ingenious wordplay will not want to miss this inventively entertaining evening. This exciting take on a classic is not to be missed!

This production is made possible in part by the generous support of our lead production sponsor Darlene Marcos Shiley.



What the Critics Say

  • A well-directed production proves that funny never goes out of style. This “Tartuffe” feels very now thematically, thanks to director Richard Baird, who humanizes the characters in this 17th-century farce. Baird has fielded a champagne cast for this production, which is a true ensemble piece with good work done by all.

    The San Diego-Union Tribune

  • Let’s not bandy words. The North Coast Repertory Theatre revival of Molière‘s comedy Tartuffe is a brilliant success. The production is one of those rare instances in which the greatness of the play unites with a faultless cast and masterful staging to produce a genuinely memorable theatrical and dramatic experience.

    Stage and Cinema

  • This production directed by Richard Baird is broad but searing and most of all tremendous fun. Given those costumes designed by Elisa Benzoni, Peter Herman’s wigs and Marty Burnett’s posh-perfect set, this “Tartuffe” is a visual treat, yet that’s only part of this staging’s appeal. An exceptional cast!

    Stage West

  • The opportunity to see a classic like this fully staged should not be passed up.

    From Another 0

  • North Coast Rep’s presentation of Moliere's "Tartuffe" is a beautifully produced, witty, satirical, and delightfully funny play.

    -The North County Daily Star/The Vista Press

  • North Coast Rep doesn’t fool around. They got Richard Baird to direct Richard Wilbur’s translation of the play, and you can’t get better than that. Baird knows about timing and how to get the most laughs per line. Don’t miss this production.

    -San Diego Stage and Screen

*Photos by Aaron Rumley