World Premiere

The Angel Next Door

By Paul Slade Smith

Directed by David Ellenstein
Now Closed

Capturing the sheer joy, sophistication, and wit of 1940s screwball comedies, playwright Paul Slade Smith (The Outsider; Unnecessary Farce) has brilliantly adapted Ferenc Molnár’s classic farce, Play at the Castle. Join an unforgettable cast of characters as they navigate romance, misunderstandings, and comical situations, setting the stage for a riotous disaster. Brace yourself for a perfect storm of comedic chaos, swept away by irresistible charm and rapid-fire banter. This delightful evening promises a non-stop rollercoaster of mirth, leaving you breathless with laughter.

This production made possible by the generous support of The Goldberg Family Foundation.


What the Critics Say

  • I don’t remember ever laughing so hard or often at a show. Every line landed. Every physical comedy bit hit. The absurd became plausible and wonderful.

    - San Diego Jewish World

  • Fast-paced, witty, wacky and an absolute winner!

    - CultureVulture

  • The Angel Next Door, is a super entertaining, laugh a minute, romantic romp.

    - LA Splash Magazine

*Photos by Aaron Rumley